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Mahyas Pakistani matrimonial serviceMahyas marriage bureau was launched in the year 2008 with the name of classical marriage beuro for Pakistani singles in World. The owner of Mahyas marriage bureau is Mrs Sumbul Barkaat who is among the best matchmaker for pakistanis living in America and London.
Mahyas Marriage bureau is an online marriage service for Pakistanis and stand in the list of best matrimonial website for marriages with Pakistanis living anywhere in the world. Pakistani matchmaker Mrs Sumbul Barkaat is the owner of mahyas marriage bureau. Pakistani bride groom are filling free marriage form for our marriage beuro. Pakistani singles in USA, UK and Dubai are waiting for their soul mate. Pakistan matchmaker will find your marriage partner or rishta in Karachi.
One of the most repeated question asked to Mrs sumbul is about the name of Mahyas marriage bureau that what exactly "Mahyas" is, basically Mahyas is the combination of three names of Mrs Sumbul's children, the name are Maria, yahya and Sania.Today Mahyas marriage bureau is in the list of google most repeated and searched marriage bureaus of Pakistan, more than 100 people searched the name of Mahyas Marriage around world.Mahyas is a Pakistani matrimonial service for all the Pakistanis those are interested in marriage and have clear intention of marriage and not to date. We have proposals of all the ethnic groups of Pakistan mainly punjabi and sindhi.Punjabi's are almost 60 percent of the total Pakistani population and living almost in all the famous countries like United Kingdom, France , Germany, Canada and United States of America. We receive 100's of online calls from punjabi boys and girls for marriage and we have a track record of successfull punjabi matrimonial service provider. Punjabis are not only concentrated in Pakistani punjab but also in eastern Indian punjab and its also worth noting that Lahore exist on both side of the borders, the difference is of religion. In western punjab, Muslim punjabi are residing while in eastern or Indian punjab sikh punjabis are living and have close ties with this side of Punjabis.Mahyas marriage bureau is first who started Pakistani matrimonial service for pakistanis living anywhere in the world and make platform on different paid and free websites, where paksitanis can contact and found their life partner without paying fees, one of that platform or marriage website is Shaadi on Spruz, where you can create your profile for free but unfortunately its over crowded and we are making arrangements to make it accommodate all the Pakistanis on this marriage site. presently the members capacity is 250, after making it paid will be available for all the bride and groom fromPakistan.Pakistan is not only divided on ethnic grounds but also on sectarian basis, Pakistan has 80 percent sunni and almost 20 percent shia living peacefully, but when it comes to marriage, they prefer to find life partner from same sectarian group if the boy is shia, he look for shia girl. If the girl is sunni, she go for sunni boy and this does not end here, syed women prefer syed man and vice versa. So when it comes to matchmaking or matchmaker, things become difficult because when people approach us they think that they have a factory of bride groom or marriage machine, what ever they order we make it available from them, which is not true.Another worst part in matchmaking that mainly boys approach us for finding friend or to get Canadian immigration. I just want to make one thing clear in this article or material that Mahyas marriage bureau is not an immigration service nor a dating site. Its purely a marriage website which is providingjust matrimonial and shaadi service to Pakistanis only.When Mahyas started working as matrimonial website for Pakistanis, at that time there were no or few competitors those were working online for shaadi of Pakistanis, but by the passage of time different media including tv and internet started their own online shaadi service, which is not much successful because people hesitate to come online on tv for searching or finding their life partner.Internet is a place which is still limited to elite and educated class of Pakistanis living in Defence and Clifton of karachi and lahore, this is the positive point because these people move between the countries and have less time for finding a good matchmaker, so mahyas give them access to Pakistani profiles with pics at their laptop and they can easily select their bride or girl for marriage.As dubai is increasing its momentum in terms of population, Pakistanis are also moving towards Dubai where its not hard to find pakistani boys or girls but when they start searching proposal or rishta for themselves its becoming a huge hurdle for them to find some one who does not only residing in Dubai or Sharjah but also well settled and highly paid Pakistani, Mahyas matrimonial service is the very clear solution for these pakistanis, those are not in a position to advertise their profiles on free ad sites, and they do not prefer to appoint any indian website whose data is just controlled by computer and not by human beings.Majority of Pakistanis are illiterate and not well educated that's that why, engineer and doctor as bride groom fascinate them, and if its foreign qualifiedfrom UK or london its a plus point for that women or men. Army officers are also create plus point in their profile and girls give lovely remarks on them which you can see online on our matrimonial websites.Girls for marriage are not hard to find on a site like Mahyas where on daily basis minimum 500 bride groom reach for the only reason to marry each other, this is not the only site which is providing matrimonial service for Pakistanis in USA and Australia.

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